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2023 Chapter Officers





2023 Chapter Officers.png

President - Tonnesha M. Lewis

Vice President - Tiffany Richardson 

Recording Secretary - Valerie Britton

Assistant Secretary - Jacqueline Jones
Treasurer - Lawanda Reynolds

Assistant Treasurer - Kay Cutts
Financial Secretary  - DeShannon March

Assistant Financial Secretary - Kassel Kendricks
Correspondence Secretary - Veranda Adkins

Parliamentarian - Cheryl K. Johnson

Chaplain - Saleeta Spencer-Thomas

Ivy Leaf Reporter - Chandra Marsh
Historian - Edna Sheridan

Official Hostess - Sheryl Gilbreath

Door Keeper - Courtney Hale
Member-at-Large -
Gloria H. Flowers

Member-at-Large - Gearldine Burwell-Bailey
Member-at-Large - Utevia Nobles

2023 Committee Chairmen




Standing Committees
+ Cultivating Pearl

Visit the Documents & Forms page for the list of committee members.

Committee Title
Edna Sheridan
Lenita Davis
LaRaine Gatry
Jacqueline Jones
Kassel Kendricks
Margaret Williams (+)
Connection and Social Action
Jessica Williams
Thalia Love
Felicia McCarty
Constitution (Bylaws)
Cheryl Johnson
Vicki Ijames
Sheryl Gilbreath
Antoinette Gladys
Samone Jones
Lawanda Reynolds
Kay Cutts
Founders' Day
Albanie Bolton-Bennett
Gloria Flowers
Courtney Hale
Bernadette Garrett-McCants
Valerie Britton
Jacqueline Jones
Leadership Development
Robin Miller
Hailey Simmons (+)
Membership Mentoring
Ayanna Lampley
Tameika Royal
Kassel Kendricks
Tiffany Richardson
Sheryl Gilbreath
Albanie Bolton-Bennett
Chandra Marsh
Lauren Moore (+)
Risk Management
Geraldine Burwell-Bailey
Tawanda Buford
Kendra Elliard (+)
Sisterly Relations
Angel Boyd
Dawn Ward
Ayanna Lampley
Rallisa Jones
Kema Evans (+)
Lawanda Reynolds
Lenita Davis
Destiny Reynolds

Ad Hoc Committees
+ Cultivating Pearl  *Soaring Initiatives

Committee Title
*Advocate For Social Justice
Soror Jessica Williams
Soror Rallisa Jones, Chairman for Voter Education, Registration, and Mobilization
Soror Felicia McCarty, Co-Chairman for Voter Education, Registration, and Mobilization
*Build Our Economic Wealth
Soror Arica Whitlow
Soror Carroll England, Co-Chairman for Financial Wellness & Planned Giving and Sister Circles
Soror Sharelle Powers, Co-Chairman for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs and Black Dollar Days
Soror Melinda Sanders, Co-Chairman for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs and Black Dollar Days
*Empower Our Families - Childhood Hunger Initiative Power Pack (AKA CHIPP)
Soror Acacia Sturdivant
Soror Q. Chynell Gray
*Empower Our Families - Mental Health Awareness
Soror Vicki Ijames
Soror Changela Vickers (+)
*Empower Our Families - Our Seniors
Soror Acacia Sturdivant
*Empower Our Families - Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI)
Soror Lyscelle Reyes
Soror Stacey Humes
*Enhance Our Environment
Soror Casey Thompson
Soror Gail Gandy
Soror Cynthia Johnson
*Strengthen Our Sisterhood
Soror Dawn Ward
Soror DeShannon March, Co-Chairman for Membership Reactivation
Soror Angie Brooks, Co-Chairman for Leadership Development
*Uplift Our Local Community
Soror Erica Ignont
Soror Antoinette Gladys, Co-Chairman for Collaboration and Partner Outreach
Soror Pamela Little, Co-Chairman for Collaboration and Partner Outreach
Angel Pageant
Andrea Simpson
Winnifer McGee
Kimberly Wright, Denise Smithers
Kenndi Lawson (+)
Awards 2023
Gloria Flowers
Chandra Marsh
Melinda Sanders
Awards 2024
Tiffany Richardson
Chandra Marsh
Lauren Moore
Breakfast Club
Jacqueline Dennis
Cynthia Johnson
Gwendolyn Redmon (+)
Chapter Anniversary
Jacqueline Dennis
Thalia Love
Scarlet Leonard (+)
Kay Cutts
Family Celebration
Destiny Reynolds
Timmeseya Campbell (+)
Lindsay George (+)
First Responders
Tameika Royal
LaShawn Gardner
Foundation Exploration
Saleeta Spencer-Thomas
Antoinette Gladys
Jannette Knight-Spencer
Scarlet Shorter
Q. Chynell Gray
Lauren Moore (+)
Ivy Reflections
Jackie Abrams
Pink Impact 2.0
Felicia West
Juronica Arch
Mikayla Reese (+)
Prince to King
Jessica Williams
Robin Miller
Kenya Davis (+)
Kimberly Holmes
Phyllis Campbell
Belissa Howard (+)
Spiritual Oversight
Saleeta Spencer-Thomas
Kecia Lambert
Felicia West
Strategic Plan
Lawanda Reynolds
Brandy Coachman
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