Chapter Officers





President - Robin Miller

Vice President - Gloria H. Flowers
Recording Secretary - Thalia Love

Assistant Secretary - Erica Ignont
Treasurer - Jacqueline Dennis

Assistant Treasurer - Kay Cutts
Financial Secretary  - Lawanda Reynolds
Correspondence Secretary - Veronica Hunter
Parliamentarian - Cheryl K. Johnson

Chaplain - Edna Sheridan

Ivy Leaf Reporter - Courtney Jones Hale
Historian - Tameika Royal

Official Hostess - Ayanna Lampley

Door Keeper - Valerie Britton
Member-at-Large - Tonnesha Lewis
Member-at-Large - DeShannon March
Member-at-Large - Gail Gandy

Committee Chairmen




Standing Committees

*Chairman                    **Co-Chairman

Archives            *Tameika Royal
Audit                  *Gail Gandy

Bylaws               *Cheryl K. Johnson

                            ** Q. Chynell Gray+

Connection       *Samone Jones

                            ** Q. Chynell Gray+
Courtesy            *Ayanna Lampley

                            **Brenda Jones+
Finance              *Jacqueline Jones

Founders’ Day  * Lillian Fox

                            ** Melinda Sanders+

Handbook         *Thalia Love

Leadership             *Cheryl K. Johnson

Development       **Laraine Gatrey

Membership          *Jackie Abrams
                                  **Lawanda Reynolds
Program                  *Gloria Flowers

                                  **Sheryl Gilbreath

Protocol                  *Pam Scott
Publicity                  *Courtney Jones

                                 **Antoinette Hawthorne+

Sisterly Relations   *DeShannon March

                                  **Kaleta Brown+

Standards                *Kassel Kendricks

                                  **Sonia Morris+
Technology              *Lawanda Reynolds

                                  **Destiny Reynolds

Ad Hoc Committees

*Chairman                    **Co-Chairman    + Cultivating Pearl

Target 1 - HBCU for Life

*Valerie Britton

*Natosha Mabry

**Kolecia Simmons+

**Aaryn Flott+

Target 1 -  #CAP (College Admissions Process)

 *April McDaniel

**Destiny Reynolds

**Latoya Turner

 Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness: Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention and Care for Caregivers

*Phyllis Looney-Jones

**Angela Boyd

Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness: Heart Health/Nutrition and Wellness

*Beth Hagan

**Joy Durr

Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness: Pink Impact 2.0

*Tonnesha Lewis

**Felicia West+


Angel Pageant
*Katrina Hale

**Arica Whitlow+

**Heather Lewis+
Awards 2020 (Regional/International)

*Robin Miller
Chapter Anniversary
*Tonnesha Lewis

**Ayanna Lampley
* Kimberly Wright
Family Celebration

*Bobbie Terry

**LaKesha Taldon+

First Responders

*LaShawn Garner

**Adaira Collins+

Target 3 - Building Your Economic Legacy

*Tiffany Richardson

**Lenita Davis+

Target 3 - Building Your Economic Legacy: Operation AKA Assist

*Erica Ignont

**Jacqueline Jones+

Target 4 - The Arts

*Pamela Scott

**Andrea Simpson

**Kaasha Campbell+

Target 5 - Global Impact: Impact Day, Global Assistance, Refugees in America

*Alicia Williams

**Cecelia Williams+


Target 5 - Global Impact: Soles4Souls and Lions Club International

*Tawanna Harris

**Chandra Marsh+


Target 5 - Global Impact: Pillowcase Project

*Norma Reeves

**Brandy Coachman+


Ivy Reflections (Choir)

* Jackie Abrams

Prince to King

*Acacia Sturdivant

** Tiffany Richardson

**Latisha Scott+

Risk Management

*Albanie Bolton

Scholarship—HBCU & Dr. Olivia H. Sanders Academic Scholarship
*Veronica Hunter

** Tameka Walker


Spiritual Oversight

*Edna Sheridan

Strategic Plan

*Phyllis Campbell

**Tracie Moore+

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