Chapter Officers





President - Robin Miller

Vice President - Tonnesha Lewis
Recording Secretary - Kassel Kendricks

Assistant Secretary - Tiffany Childress
Treasurer - Katrina Hale

Assistant Treasurer - Jacqueline Dennis
Financial Secretary  - Lawanda Reynolds
Correspondence Secretary - Veronica Hunter
Parliamentarian - Cheryl K. Johnson

Chaplain - Gloria H. Flowers

Ivy Leaf Reporter - Angie Spencer
Historian - Sheryl Gilbreath

Official Hostess - Linda Smith

Door Keeper - Valerie Britton
Member-at-Large - Jackie Abrams
Member-at-Large - Tawanna Harris
Member-at-Large - Gail Gandy

Committee Chairmen




Standing Committees

*Chairman                    **Co-Chairman

Archives            *Sheryl Gilbreath
Audit                  *Ayanna Lampley

Bylaws               *Cheryl K. Johnson

Connection       *Phyllis Campbell
Courtesy            *Nyah Whitaker
Finance              *Katrina Hale

Founders’ Day  * Cheryl Johnson

                            ** Bobbie Terry

Handbook         *Kassel Kendricks

Leadership             *Cheryl K. Johnson

Development       **Edna Sheridan

Membership          *DeShannon March
                                  **Kassel Kendricks
Program                  *Tonnesha Lewis
Publicity                  *Angie Spencer

                                 **Samone Jones
Standards                *Tawanna Harris

Strategic Planning * Phyllis Campbell

Technology              *Lawanda Reynolds

Ad Hoc Committees

*Chairman                    **Co-Chairman

Target 1 - A.S.C.E.N.D.
 Valerie Britton, Lead Coach
 Kassel Kendricks, Lead Co-Coach

 Veronica Hunter, Co-Coach
 April McDaniel, Co-Coach
Target 1 - One Million Backpacks
* Monica Griffin

** Samone Jones
Target 1 - Think HBCU
 *Lillian Taylor

** Gail Gandy
Target 2 - Health Promotion
* LaShawn Gardner
** Yvette Garrison-Edmonds




Angel Pageant
* Pam Scott
** Tamera Lowe-Preer
** Tiffany Childress
* Phyllis Looney-Jones
Chapter Anniversary
* Kimberly Wright
** Angela Boyd
* Kimberly Wright
Family Celebration
* Shana Freeman
** Alisicia Cheree Adams


Ivy Reflections (Choir)

* Jackie Abrams

Target 3 - Family Strengthening
* Erica Ignont

**April McDaniel
Target 3 - Fiscal Responsibility
* Tiffany Richardson

**India Bolden
Target 4 - Environmental Ownership
* Acacia Sturdivant
** Ghytanna Weaver
Target 5 - Global Impact
* Kecia Lambert






* Veranda Adkins

Prince to King

*Acacia Sturdivant

** Tiffany Richardson

Risk Management

*Albanie Bolton

Scholarship—HBCU & Dr. Olivia H. Sanders Academic Scholarship
*Veronica Hunter

** Bobbie Terry

 Sisterly Relations
* Angie Brooks

**Destiny Reynolds

**Netausha Stoudmire

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